Founded in 2004, Virtuos is a leading content production company specializing in video game development and 3D art production. With operations in Singapore, China, Vietnam, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Ireland and the United States, we are home to over 1,700 full-time professionals.

Virtuos is on a mission to shape the future of game creation, by sourcing the brightest global talent in art, engineering and game design, equipping them with industry-leading technologies, tools and technology, and empowering future game creators to collaborate with the best game companies globally.

Having worked with 18 of the top 20 entertainment companies across the globe, we continue to offer our art and co-development expertise to the biggest franchises in the world. Learn more about The Virtuos Experience here. 


Trust is essential in fostering strong partnerships. We believe in utilizing only the best tools, processes and legal means to ensure that the IP entrusted to us is preserved intact, delivering reliable, quality work on time and within budget for our clients. This trust also extends to our own teams; we strive to provide an equal opportunity work environment where all team members can collaborate openly.


We are in the business of fun; it's important that our work contributes to positive emotions. We encourage positivity amongst ourselves as well, which keeps us focused on delivering quality work worthy of experiencing in-game or on the big screen. Positivity also gives us the motivation to accept feedback and go the extra mile to meet demands, because we believe that the most challenging problems are also the most rewarding to solve.


Every Virtuosi has been co-opted for their desire to make a difference. We ensure that every project, training phase, and team creates opportunities for each individual to improve his skills and to show them off. Quality is not a vague concept for us: we define it, we learn how to produce it, we measure it in all possible forms, because it is essential to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


Knowledge is power, and a constant hunger for learning determines success. With a new and dedicated R&D facility located in Singapore, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of new platforms and tech, capitalizing on AI adoption and cloud-based gaming while deciphering the untold possibilities of VR and AR.


We are led by a diverse, multicultural pool of industry veterans.


Gilles Langourieux

Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Office

Founded Virtuos in 2004. Gilles was previously the Worldwide Managing Director of Ubi.com and played a key role in the group's online gaming strategy and business. He worked in retail and management consulting for three years before entering the video game industry in 1995 as a Producer. Educated in France and the UK, Gilles holds a Master's Degree from HEC, France’s leading business school.


Jasmine Cheong

Chief Financial Officer, Singapore Office

Joined Virtuos in 2018. Jasmine has over 20 years of accounting and finance experience, including 15 years of management experience in multinational companies. She was previously the Chief Financial Officer for a joint venture between Singapore Post and Alibaba.


Andrey Supryaga

Managing Director of Art, Shanghai Studio

Joined Virtuos in 2006. Andrey has over 20 years of experience in Game Art. Previously, he was a Graphic Director at Nival Interactive in Russia and Lead Artist at Avalon. He combines his great passion for art with extensive technical knowledge and excellent management skills. He has overseen hundreds of art projects for Virtuos. Andrey graduated from the Far-Eastern State University in Vladivostok, where he majored in 3D modelling of a physical process.


Christophe Gandon

Managing Director of Games, Paris Studio

Joined Virtuos in 2005. Christophe has over 20 years of experience in the video game industry. He was the former CEO of Babylon Software and Gameplay Lead at Ubisoft, where he led the production of several racing games. He has supervised many Virtuos development titles and actively drives effective communication between his teams and clients. Christophe graduated from ESTACA, a French automotive engineering school.


Elijah Freeman

Vice President of Games Division, Shanghai Studio

Joined Virtuos in 2017. Elijah has over 18 years of experience in Game Development and was previously at Crytek and Electronic Arts. Elijah specializes in IP development, production management, and franchise development. His accomplishments include shipping over 12 AAA game titles, totaling more than 10 million units sold across all platforms.

Wang weiwei.jpg

Wang Weiwei

General Manager, Shanghai Studio

Joined Virtuos in 2006. Wang Weiwei was previously the Finance Director of Virtuos and was responsible for the company's financial management for over 12 years. She holds an MBA from the University of California Riverside.


Tian Li

General Manager, Chengdu Studio

Joined Virtuos in 2008. Tian Li was one of Virtuos’ pioneer Producers. He has over 10 years of experience in the video game industry and previously worked at Soulgame, Zynga and Motorola. Tian Li graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China as a Computer Science major.

GM, Xi'an studio

Wang Zhong

General Manager, Xi'an Studio

Joined Virtuos in 2010. Throughout the past years, Wang Zhong has grown into an independent production expert, successfully managing both clients & team. Currently responsible for XI’AN Studio management and growing.


Samuel Stevenin

General Manager, Sparx* Studio

Joined Sparx* in 2008. Samuel has 20 years of experience in the video game and movie industries. He has held various roles from Artist and Supervisor to Studio manager during his career, covering a wide range of fields and bringing a diverse set of skills and expertise.


Olivier Masclef

Managing Director, Black Shamrock Studio

Founding Black Shamrock in 2016, Olivier has over 25 years of experience in the video game industry and was previously the MD and owner of Widescreen Games. He worked as a Producer on No Respect, Hexplore, Solar Crusade, Prisoner of Ice and Outcast.


Philippe Angely

Senior Business Development Director of Europe & Asia, Singapore Office

Joined Virtuos in 2009. Philippe has over 13 years of experience across various roles from Marketing Consultant to Business Development Director. He is managing the Virtuos Business Development teams in Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul, to cover sales and client satisfaction across Europe and Asia.


Cyril Labordrie

R&D Director, Singapore Office

Joined Virtuos in 2018. Cyril has over 20 years of R&D experience in the video game industry. He was previously the Technical Director at Gumi Europe. Cyril is now based in Virtuos' headquarters in Singapore and is focusing on creating new super tools and bringing greater innovation to Virtuos.

Yu Ruan.png

Raina Yu

Head of Central Technical Group

Previous the General Manager of Virtuos Xi'an studio. Has professional Art Background, one Of Virtuos' First Producers. Currently responsible for Virtuos internal knowledge structure upgrade and development of technical training contents.


Jake Digennaro

Business Development Director of North America, San Francisco Office

Since entering the industry in 2007, Jake has served in multiple key positions ranging from Product Management, Production and Design, to Business Development, Marketing, and PR. This experience has granted him an intimate understanding of game design and production during his tenure at Virtuos, having overseen the release of over 125 externally co-developed titles ranging from AAA to indie to mobile, alongside contributions to 30+ theatrically released films and 1 animated TV series.


Minny Abels

Global Human Resources Director, Shanghai Studio

Joined Virtuos in 2007. Minny previously founded the Virtuos Chengdu studio and managed it for over five years. She has a background in Engineering and Management, possessing multilingual language skills and international experience across different fields and industries.



We began our journey in 2004 and haven't slowed down since. With more than 15 years of experience under our belt, we're still 100% committed towards making the best games and art in the industry. Here are some of our greatest hits, but watch this space; more achievements await!

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Black Shamrock Studio

Dublin, Ireland

Black Shamrock is a video game development studio, focusing on "core gamer" strategy and RPG titles for PC and console.