Our art requirements and benchmarks are extremely stringent. We constantly search across the globe for the top specialists in art production, thereby allowing you to tap on their expertise and ensuring the best completion quality throughout the production pipeline. Whether it be concept, 2D or 3D Art, our artists exhibit mastery across various art styles.

Our long-term and continuously improving training system empowers us to stay up-to-date with the best tools and technology in the industry. Although having established a solid foundation of successful past work, the Virtuos art teams continue to break boundaries in imagination and quality regardless.

Are you looking for additional talent to imbue your projects with the quality of art it deserves? We're here to help. Reach out to us at the Contact Us page to learn how we can help create fantastic, immersive worlds in your games.


The first step in building a virtual world is through the creation of 3D art. Our artists have years of collective experience under their belts and are trained in skill sets diverse enough to tackle any project scope. But our work goes far beyond just delivering the best quality artwork possible. Discover how we are prepared to assist you and your team in a truly integrated way, to deliver into engine high-quality assets that meet your most stringent technical requirements. Our trained international artists possess the right tools to provide end-to-end services at maximum value, and are capable of working within your time zone or sit in your studios to facilitate seamless project coordination.


Sometimes, having static art just isn't enough. To truly bring it to life, 3D Animation is required. For the past 25 years, we have worked on 3D animation and VFX for projects ranging from in-game cinematics in AAA titles, to some of the world's most popular films and TV series. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. And we stand ready to help bring your vision to life.


Need a hand to illustrate your ideas, or an extra boost of creative power to turn your concept into something truly astounding? We hear you, and our artists are eager to help you out with the creation of concept art tailored to your specifications. With our world-class artists' breadth and depth of experience in art production, they will be more than ready to tackle any project. Whether you require environment and character art, or creature and object designs ranging from the whimsical to the ultra-realistic - anything is possible.

Our Projects

Virtuos has contributed to a plethora of exciting art projects, working alongside some of the top industry players across the globe. Here are some of the latest video games and movies that we have worked on: